Dec 4, 2012

Almost Lover

      Well, I had the perfect idea for a post a few minutes ago.  Congratulations, it has changed. Music does that to me. Especially if the lyrics make me think of a character. Whatever was in my head before that? It jumped out my ear and made a break for the door.

      I'm sure you've all seen a wide assortment of characters. Big ones, small ones. Thin ones, and tall ones. Annoying, and passive. Pretty, and ugly. Pfft. You've probably even seen pretty ugly.

      But even the vainest idiot who thinks the world of himself or herself will have a reaction to losing something they love. Maybe they never admitted they loved it, but they did. Maybe losing it causes them to stop something or to shut others out.

      Remember Garth and the slave girl? I said briefly that he wanted power after the fact to change things. What if it was partially because of her? The king and queen had taken her in, and his heart had probably stopped as soon as he stopped seeing her.

      If you remember right, his family beat him and used him. She very well may have been the only thing he loved. What if, when she left, that was all it took to convince him to become what he became. Before, maybe he would've stayed and been walked on his whole life. Maybe it affected him so much that he refused things to be that way anymore. He'd be the master for once.

      And what about when he fights her double, whom he thinks is her? What happened to him after he held her dead body in his arms? This was the only thing he loved other than power. The only thing he loved, he couldn't keep. The only thing he loved, he'd broken.

      Maybe your character doesn't have an almost lover. Maybe it's something smaller, like a puppy. But your character will always love at least one thing. Sure, it's quite funny think of a character who hates everything, but if you think about it? Maybe he loves hating things. Maybe he loves his tongue that lets him tell you about all the things he hates.

      If you take it away, what does your character have? What about them has changed?

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?

So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

- Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy



  1. Guess who I thought of when I read "Maybe he loves his tongue that lets him tell you about all the things he hates"?

    Freon. HERBERT! I don't exactly remember if you've told me he loves telling you everything he hates, but it sounds just like him...

    Makes me wonder what my characters love. Good question. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. Yes. . . Freon had been on my mind the entire morning. . . He *does* like to complain a lot. It's rather funny, actually. Or he'll sum it up in a laugh or a look. . .

      And I hope you can figure that out! Oh, who am I kidding? You will. *grinneths*


    Seriously though. Good post as always. You always make me think harder about my charries/writing in general.

    I wish I could say when my characters lose something they learn something. Sadly it takes them doing something stupid to learn said lessons -_- Zey are all idiots.

    "But your character will always love at least one thing." YES. YES. YES. I think in a twisted way Voldie did sort of love Bellatrix. If only because she was his best lieutenant.

    *sniffs* Garth.....Almost Lover really destroys me. O_O

    1. I about died when I turned this on and saw that this had been my last post. The song kills me so much. Speaking of which 11:11 and I need music. . . And hopefully not this song.