Mar 5, 2013

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow,
Don't stop, it'll soon be here
It'll be better than before,
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.

-Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac

So, I'll admit. My titles were sort of based off this song. Except I really thought there was a line about thinking about today. . . Turns out that line was "Don't stop, it'll soon be here." How do I miss-hear something like that?

Today is my last post for the time being on past, present, and future orientation. As you could probably guess from the title if you haven't been following, today's post is on future orientation.

The future oriented can get really out there. I tend to be future oriented. Just last night I was going on about how I wanted to start a literary agency . . . right now. But also that I knew better and that I should wait till I'm 18. So I went to sleep plotting out my world domination, erm, entry into the publishing world and all that I must do to get there.

I'm not so good at the doing, though. To be honest, I decided I wanted to blog in February of 2011. It didn't get very far, considering that I really only started blogging seriously in October. Of 2012. Mostly because I had no clue what to do. So, instead I just dreamed. I finally did something, but this isn't usually the case.

If others of the future oriented class are like me, they're dreamers. We're not always the doers. Some of us are, and some aren't. Me? I'm not usually a doer. If I was younger, I would be telling you all about how by now I'd be a trading card artist and how I would have auditioned for American Idol and made it to Hollywood (still don't know why I thought I could do that. I'm awful at singing. And my art is not trading card worthy. . .).

There's nothing wrong with dreaming, of course, but my type focuses on the future so much that we tend to forget today. Math? Oh, that's so insignificant seeming compared to my plans of world domination. . . I tend to like to dream and forget to do the things I have to do--some of them things I have to do if I ever want to accomplish my dreams.

Usually, the future and our dreams keeps us happy. I mean, we're thinking of awesome stuff like winning a nationwide contest! However, we can be made distressed and anxious really easily too.

I like thinking about good future outcomes. I'm pretty black and white, though. I know that there's bad out there too. Getting older, thinking about life choices and such? I start to freak out. Especially if I find that things aren't going the way I want or that I haven't met any of the majorly important goals I set when I was eleven. I start to think I'm behind. Honestly, it's stuff like this that is most likely to bog me down.

If you want the future oriented to be happy, you have to keep them dreaming about the good. However, I believe it's good that I think on the bad because it reminds me that just dreaming doesn't get things done. I have to dream then do. Difficult for my procrastinating self to manage, but I'll survive.

Y'all have anything else to add?


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