Mar 4, 2013

Don't Stop Thinking About Today

So, I promised y'all posts on past, present, and future oriented people awhile back and never got beyond the  past oriented. I'm so sorry about that. Life got crazy for awhile and it seemed like the last thing I could do was figure out how to write a post on the present oriented.

I don't see myself as very present oriented. While I'm the most oriented in the future, I get past oriented sometimes. Rarely is my orientation revolving around the present. My mind lives in possibilities or in what could have been. Pros and cons, my friends. . . Pros and cons, I tell you.

I don't fully know how to describe the present oriented for that reason. I'll try my best, though.

These people live in today. Right here and right now. They don't always think about the consequences that might come of their actions. Right now it seems good, so that's what they'll do. They don't always think about what's come of similar actions in the past. As we all know, history repeats itself. If something ended badly once, there's a high chance of it ending bad again. When you're in a present oriented state of mind, it's easy to overlook that little fact. It seems good now, so they'll do it.

But, like the other types, there are really good aspects of it, as well as the not-so-good. You might not be as worried when you're living right now and enjoying right now. Today is a good day and that's what matters. Tomorrow might not be good, but today is a day to smile and be free! Sure, they can be in a really depressed mood if the day isn't going good, but when life seems good, the present oriented will be just as happy as their day, making them quite enjoyable to be around. The future oriented might not be content with today if they can imagine an even better future. They might not live in and enjoy this moment here because they're always chasing after their dreams. Same with the past oriented, except they look at how certain times in the past were "their golden age." "The time of their life that was actually perfect." Of course it wasn't all perfect, but when you're thinking about the past, you have a tendency to get nostalgic and want things to be the same again. Oh, that was when life was easy. Everything made sense then. . .it doesn't anymore. . .

The present oriented could probably be some of the most fun to be around. If they're having a good day, they'll be happy and really fun to be around. If you brighten their day, you brighten their mood.

Do any of you have anything more to say on this type? I'm probably not too accurate because I'm just having to make a bunch of guesses here. This is either so me that I don't realize it's me, or I'm not very much of a present person.

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  1. No, I think you covered it pretty well. :) I think I tend to be present oriented, also there's definitely times when I'm more past oriented.

    And yeah...this sounds like me. Sometimes I don't think, and I'm usually pretty cheerful.