Feb 11, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack!

      I am SO sorry I vanished! Life just got really crazy all of a sudden. However, I have rearranged my schedule, thereby meaning that I have more time to blog. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Well, since I've been gone, I've been thinking. Some mornings I just can't come up with a writing topic at all. Which is frustrating beyond belief and oftentimes makes me decide to . . . to not blog. . . So I've come to the determination that I need to loosen the reins a little. Don't take this wrong: I'm not quitting writing about writing. Writing is my love. I can't just give up writing about that. All I'm saying is that I might get a little more adventurous and post about other topics as well. But mostly writing.

That okay?

Also, I'd like to announce that I'm going to be starting up some contests in the next couple of months! I'd like to see if anyone's interested first. Also, prize ideas? What would y'all be interested in receiving?

Other accomplishments since I've been gone include:

  • Learning how to use chopsticks.
  • Trying Foh for the first time. Otherwise known as Vietnamese soup?
  • Learning how to use Twitter. Very daunting.
  • Looking for a job. Because, quite frankly, getting one sounds nice.
  • Looking up colleges and scholarships. Prices for just the community colleges out of state are crazily high. How shalt I ever survive?
  • I wrote stuff on my hand. A resolution I made for the year. I wanted to write something on my hand. After all, why not make your resolutions fun?
  • Drank a sip of apple cider vinegar. *coughs* Also a resolution. I don't know why.
  • And I did something else. Not sure what it was. Quite frankly, I don't remember.
I've also written some poems lately which I was told were good, but I thought were immensely stupid. 

Of flippant nature,
Is he of the tall-ish ears,
Insolent is he.

The invocation,
That which the small provide him,
Only gives him ill.

He is byzantine,
Belligerent and stupid.
His lesson is hard.

Will the boy at all,
Learn the lesson that he needs,
To live and survive?

I can't possibly see how that was good. I'm just happy it didn't turn out morbid or anything. I have this thing for basing my poems and songs off of my story ideas and. . . Typically the morbid or depressing ones. . .

What's been up with you all?



  1. WHOOOO!! Chopsticks! Go Kelsey! :D I love chopsticks.

    Goodness. Sounds (suspiciously) like Freon to me.

    And of COURSE that's fine. I want to see what other crazy rambling stuff you come up with. ;)

  2. I love love love this post, girlie. :D That's an awesome little poem and really cool that you tried apple cidar vinegar. The stuff is SUPER good for you, you know! I take a bit of it every day.


    Oh yes. TWITTTTER

    Oh.... I can't remember either

    Awwwh crap I just lost the game :S HOW DID THAT HAPPEN :( sigh *facepalm*