Nov 4, 2012

I am a Lifeless Hunk of Metal

Originally posted in October:

     Well, Happy Halloween! I don't know if y'all celebrate that or not, but I figured I'd shout it out just in case.

     Yesterday I died several times. A. Because mathmatical equations with solutions that are incomprehendable love to sneak up on you and stab you in the back. B. Because characters died and tears would have been cried had not my tear ducts not already short circuited.  C. Because those characters *kept* being talked over.
      Today I have died again. My friend over at Stardust and Feathers reminded me approximately five minutes ago. Yes, you are speaking to my cold, lifeless shell of a body. As Alley would be saying, "My feels are broken." But, on a side note, y'all should really check out the post at the link above. I thought it was great. Just ignore any "I'm glaring at you, Silence." comments. *whistles inconspicuously*

      Well, Nanowrimo starts tomorrow! I'm not doing it myself, but all the hype is still getting me excited. I'm not sure why, though. Maybe it's because I'll get to bug certain friends about their progress.

      Yes. You have just met evile, lifeless shell of a cyborg me. *grinneths*


      I don't know what I'm on here to write about this morning. Honestly, I thought I was going to be busy, so I didn't plan anything. Guess who woke up early and completed what she needed to get done in about 15-20 minutes?

      I don't know. Let's see, we were talking about broken emotions, sooooooooo. Hmm. AHA! There's another real life feeling of not having feelings. Do we ever have moments when something happens that breaks a character's heart? 

      That character needs a true reaction.  Remember Garth from the other day? Let's take the girl he killed even though he'd saved her life previously (even if through a set up trap of his making). So, remember the girl Garth was really trying to get left to think on the horrible things Garth suggested to her and left a stunt-like-double in her place with him? But, if you remember correctly, it was the double who was madly in love with him. He pulled her aside on the night of the ball and told her more details of the crime he wanted to commit. The double, knowing nothing of it, would've faced some major conflictions here.

      1. She's with the love of her life even though he loves someone else. 2. She knows it's wrong to let her feelings desire to have the man that was her mistress's fiance. 3. She's loyal to her nation and has been trained to silence any threatening oppositions.

      So, I could imagine a big tearfest going on with poor Double. She draws a concealed weapon and threatens to use it on him. She begins attacking, but not as well as she could--her love for Garth clouds her mind and make her attacks weak since she really doesn't want to harm him. Thus, she brings herself to her own ruin when Garth has to fight back and it results in her death.

      Of course, the result of broken emotions doesn't necessarily end in death. This was just an example. A character who is suffering something of the like will face their inward problems, and quite possibly outward problems. If those problems aren't fixed properly, consequences will result. I can imagine many scenarios: A boy who's dog has died, for an example that's less romancy, might shut out everyone else. He might turn away  new pets and friends and just isolate himself (yes, I'm being a little drastic here) from the world. Because of his inward problems, he might not listen to parental advice and thus place himself in danger (i.e. "Don't play in the street." Yes, also drastic. My mind comes up with some of the worse case scenarios).

      Feels/emotions are important to watch. Even if they're happy, they can have consequences or results based off character's internal and external problems or choices. Just look at yourself--Do you react to things differently when you're experiencing a different emotion (smaller scale)? How have you reacted to the big problems?

      Pretty much, don't just say the character is sad. Show us, make us feel it, and show us the consequences of the internal and external problems, conflicts, choices, or whatever you have.



      p.s. Don't ask me how I came up with that title. I'm not sure. This thing was just yelling at me telling me it couldn't be blank.

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