Nov 4, 2012

The Other Characters

Originally posted November 2nd:

      You know I missed a day of blogging as soon as I find myself sitting on Facebook and reading statuses and comments. HOLD UP. This is your blogging time. Facebook will be here later. Unless a train comes crashing through my window, but that's highly unlikely.

      *Looks at window suspiciously*

      It's day two of November! That means day two of NaNoWriMo for some of you. Sadly, I'm not joining in with you guys despite how tempting you all have been. I don't have the time and I'm already working on a project. I wish you all great luck, though!

      And, as for the picture, don't ask. Webs is being weird. I actually clicked a different photo. At least this one's prettier.

      Okay, I should stop avoiding the topic. I had to come up with something last minute, again. I told myself yesterday that I'd do a book review. I did not feel like reviewing one this morning. Sorry, y'all, but you just have to wait on that one.

      Instead, I'm going to talk about characters you're not like.

      Ever had a gaggle of characters who suddenly decide to do things you're against doing? I know I always seem to. One of them just took up smoking. *shakes head* Characters. Whatever will I do with them?

      Smoking, drinking, abortion, etc. Everyone has different views on these things. It's only natural that characters do too. We can glare at them all we want, but if it's what they believe, they'll keep pushing it, and there's nothing you can do about it.

      Other than stop writing. We all know that's not happening, though.

      But how can you write them? Let's use the smoking example. Maybe you've never smoked. Maybe you're not even close to someone who does. Perhaps you're entirely clueless on the topic. Unfortunately, writers have to take over the search engines and make themselves look like their guilty of a crime if someone decided to go through their search history. Hey, at least you can blame it on writing.

      Sometimes you just have to look like you're battling a brain tumor and need to know the symptoms. Need more concise reasons:

      1. Your character will haunt your dreams if you do not comply to their wishes.

      *coughs* I've never actually had this happen. They torment me, but my dreams tend to twist into messes that are unexplainable and don't really involve my characters. Unless they just send nightmares. I have no idea. I've heard the haunting thing happens, though.

      2. It will make your characters seem more real.

      Spare me the cardboard, Picasso. If you write about smoking wrong and a smoker picks up your book. . . Well, don't be surprised if the book gets thrown at the wall, and your pretty little binder falls to a limp, lifeless mess down on the floor.

      3. It's fun.

      Call me an insane, mental asylum escapee, but it's very fun. I enjoy looking up the symptoms of malnutrition. Granted, I also like starving my pitiful characters, so feel free to whack me with newspaper. But it's also fun in the sense that it can often give you a big motivation push. I've been known to research stuff, freak out, then type more words on the page than I usually ever do. Which, these busy days, isn't much.
      All I'm saying is, don't be freaked out if your characters don't share the same views as you. I love my Weird Cookie to death, even if he is of different political views, life views, and hates humans (which, if you didn't know, I am part human). The characters can't all be pro-life or pro-choice, can they? There's bound to be a mix. I've got friends in both categories.

      Your story will be the better for it!

      Have an excellent, writerific day!


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