Nov 4, 2012

New and Hopefully Improved

      Welcome to the new Just Simply Unique, everyone! Sorry to throw this on you all of a sudden, but I was having problems with Webs and needed something different. I added the majority of my older posts on here, but if you're missing any or if the links didn't show up and you need them, the old Just Simply Unique is still up for all of your needs. 

      I'm also not sure how to add the Story Football stuff yet, so I'll just keep that running on the old site if you want to keep up with that. 

      Please bear with me as I make the changes, and don't be surprised if things get a little weird over the next few days. This is just me figuring out how to work Blogger. I should be back to my regular posts shortly and hopefully the site will be better than ever! 

      Thank you ever so much for putting up with me.

-Kelsey (well, moving to Google means you get my actual name. Oh well. It was fun using a pseudonym while it lasted)


  1. Gah! No more Silence?!?!

    *Glares at Webs*

    Well, I'm extremely glad you're not just disappearing on us. :D

  2. Yes, you should have me for a goooooood, loooooong time! Oh well on the Silence thing. At least I can add my Pinterest to the site, now. Can't wait to get back to my actual posting tomorrow! For now, to finish figuring this all out. . .

  3. *hugs you* Oh Webs is evilness. I think you'll like blogger though. Even if we don't get our awesome avatars. *sniffs*

    -Alley Cat/Bobbie

  4. Yay! You're on Blogger! Now I can officially 'follow' you! My day has been made.