Nov 4, 2012

In Which We Meet Mr. Herbert

Originally posted in September:

I thought that PeepPeep, the alibi-name I've given the bird above, was looking positively Herbert here, so I decided to make him the star of this post.

As to what I'm writing? I have positively no earthly clue. Jupiterly clue? Perhaps.

I suppose I could get some sort of amazing vast writing topic based off the title I so expertly constructed, but we'll see what comes of it. Honestly, I've been busy all day, and am choosing this time to act utterly insane before I have to dive back into the boredom of gathering and editing photos. Which, honestly, is actually kind of fun if you don't have a deadline.  

Who here guessed that I had a deadline? Good job, my friend.

Believe it or not, Herbert is a positively funny person/term to mention. You mention him? Eyebrows raise. You don't ask? You don't get an explanation and there's a piece of missing conversation that you can't decipher.

I love pulling out such things.

So. . .The moral of this story? Do it in your writing, perhaps? Have that one character--that one Herbert--who confuses everyone. Someone mysterious who pops in and out of the story and isn't really explained until way later on--or maybe not at all. I hate sounding repitious, but I'm going to bring out The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott again. Throughout the books, we hear of a mysterious cloaked man with a hook for a hand. We don't meet him for a long time, but it's clear he's behind most of the happenings and has pushed them forward somehow or another throughout the events of time.

Lemme just say that that guy was utterly awesome and I was freaking out over the truth behind him for about 24+ hours after finishing the series. Just saying.

Okay, what do you know? This post actually did turn into a writing topic. Sort of. HERBERT!

Have excellent, Herberty days!

-Silence. . .

. . .is silver.

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