Nov 4, 2012

P.S. I Hate You

Originally posted in October:

      The girls over at Notebook Sisters are geniuses. Utter geniuses. That's all I have to say. They came up with the brilliant idea of writing letters to your characters. You know I just have to do such.

      So, while I neither have the time nor the patience to make gorgeous photo version of the letters because I still have half a presentation to complete before Tuesday, but hopefully sooner, I'll post the contents here. Be warned, I often call my characters by names that aren't quite their's. It annoys them so much, but that's half the fun.

Dear Pretty Boy,

You annoy me so much. You have that evil, dolphin laugh, that impish grin, and you hate anyone with stubby, human ears. You argue constantly with people you shouldn't argue with and one day you might get stabbed in the back because of it (literally). As far as I know, you shouldn't die, so please don't go doing something stupid. One day, you'll fall in love, and I can't wait till you meet her. You will freak out. Be warned. I'm tired of you not realizing that you are a horrid person who's accusing people you don't know of doing things you can't prove. And maybe you should actually listen to your dad. I'm not going to say anything I shouldn't, but running off like that to join the army is going to get you in a mess you never dreamed of.


P.S. Say hi to Lucy for me. Maybe yell something uncomprehendable like you normally do.

Dear Three,

I'm sorry about all the pain I've caused you, and please forgive me for forcing you to live where it's cold, with only the vaguest memories of the sun. I've stolen your family, your home, and your life, leaving you a prisoner with uncaring people. I want to hug you and love you, but I know you'd cast me away. I'm a horrible not-so-much-of-a-twin to you and as an author I've ruined your life. I can't help that it has to be this way. The faeries found you and stole you, and that's all I can say. All I want is your forgiveness. There's still hope, and maybe you can set things right. Don't give into your anger. Just do what needs to be done.

I'm so sorry,

P.S. Please don't rip his heart out, and deal nicely with those two you're going to kidnap.

Dear Jef-Jef,

I know you hate me calling you Jef-Jef, but please just deal with me here. Your one word responses are killing me and I desperately want to slap you when you use them. I don't care that you're my favorite. Like I was saying to Alley earlier, it's not that odd that I want to smack Crayon (who is only the most annoying elf on the planet) when I get the desire to smack you. Don't worry, I'll be a good girl and stick to biting my pillow, but really. Do you have to be so quiet? To me? I pity you greatly, and you probably get annoyed by that, but I can't help but want to hug Mr. I-Don't-Wanna-Be-Hugged you. You've been through a lot. If it's any comfort, I think it will get better.

Hoping she doesn't sound like an utter idiot,

P.S. Please don't hate me for what happens in my Big Bang (I may have nicknamed something that will happen to you in the future).

Dear Fluffy,

As an added bonus, you get one on here too, even though you're not my character. I still can't get over our introduction. I lovethed it. Just saying. Please don't hate me over any aspect of flattering you. I called you Fluffy. No one here should know who you are. This will be between you, your author, and myself. I hope you don't take me to be one of those big mouthed, annoying, I-like-my-hair-so-much girls by doing this. You are just one of my favorite characters that I know of in your author's book. I love your sister and your friend, Z, but I really like you. I feel sad for you because you look at everything like it's the worst thing ever invented, but you have some excellent points. I can be way too optimistic. I can't always help that. According to something I read, I have one of the most optimistic personality types. Feel free to hand me a big wad of paper so that I may whack myself on the head repeatedly. I'll end this now. I've embarrassed you enough.

Not so sure she should've posted this,

P.S. I can't wait to read your story.

      Ahem. This was fun. I may have only wrote short letters, but I don't care. That was fun. I need to do the rest of my characters. Not necessarily on here (I have a lot of characters), but I'm hoping that these weren't boring to you all. Have an amazing day!

      Wondering if this post is worth it or not,

      P.S. I don't hate you.

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