Nov 4, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

Originally posted in October:

Last night I was up late and before crashing into my ever-so-fluffy-and-comfortable bed, I decided to take this Career and Personality Test with one of my character's answers to the questions. Don't ask me where that idea came from because I have no earthly idea. I just thought it and did it. When it's past midnight, who knows why I do the things I do. It's already hard enough to figure out in the daylight.

      Weirdest thing? I'm an ENFP. Guess what my favorite character is? An ISTJ.

      Namely, we're exact opposites. Now, I've heard that opposites attract and all, but it was still a shocker. My favorite character is nothing like me. I'm still trying to process that, and I haven't completely bought that he's an ISTJ. Some of the questions I was asked just left me staring at the screen.  Study habbits? What are his study habbits? Did I ask him before? With those questions, I practically just put in a random answer. Whatever sounded right at the time. Which is scary, considering I was on the verge of falling asleep.

      Who are our characters? We say we know them, but how well? Jeffery and I have been pals for about a year and a half or two years. How did I not know we were opposites? I always just assumed we had a lot in common.

      Lets look at things. . . He's not comfortable around people. I am. . .to an extent. Mainly depends on the person in question. I look to the future and make big plans. He rather stays in the present and tries to make things work for him now. Just two examples, but still.

      As a writer, I tend to believe in a silly way that I'm more than one person, and I therefore have multiple personality types (*ahem* Not split personalities, though. I don't need the mental institution. . .yet). And I suppose we writers are that way. I can call my characters and pretend to be them in that situation and try to change my outlook on life. I assume that's all writers, but I did have actor in my could-be-great-possible-carreer-choices-for-you-and-guess-what-author-isn't-in-that-list.

      Computer's don't know anything, though, do they?

      But, in a roundabout way that's gotten me nowhere, I'm wondering how well I know my characters. Especially considering I thought I knew him the best. *snickers* Says the girl who just found out that his favorite fruit is strawberries after months of pulling random fruits out of a hat. PINEAPPLE!

-Silence K. Grulkey

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